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Wheat Grass Juice

In this present generation people are getting accustomed to so called “Modern Life Style and Food Habits” Which cause many painful diseases too our body. This disturbs its healthy functioning. Our body has the inbuilt capacity to heal itself if provided with proper nutrition, exercise & environment.


100 grams of Wheat grass = 23kg of Vegetables in Nourishment


Wheatgrass contains more than 111 beneficial substances in naturally balanced form. Artificially formulated nutrition products may contain some nutrients in excess & some insufficient. Amino acids & Enzymes are required to assimilate the food & help the cells absorb the Nutrients. Their deficiency makes the Nutrients go waste. Wheatgrass contains 19 of the known amino acids including 8 EAA (Essential Amino Acids), which our body cannot make from our foods. Proteins are made up of Amino acids. The balanced Nutrients contained in wheatgrass this help combat various health problems by overcoming nutrition deficiencies. In fact, we have observed that when wheat grass is taken to help combat particular health problem, it has helped to overcome other co related problems.


Wheat Grass contains Chlorophyll, Amino Acids Minerals, vitamin & enzymes. It contains at least 13 Vitamins (Several are Antioxidants) including B12, many Minerals and trace elements, including selenium and Amino acids. It also contains the hormone abscisic acids, the Antioxidant Enzyme SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) and over 3o other Enzymes and a whole lot of other Nutrients.