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Mix Herbs Juice

Mix Herbs Juice contains 9 powerful natural herbs which are Wheat-grass, Amla, Aloe-vera, Giloy, Raw Turmeric, Tulsi, Neem, Jamun & Bitterguard.This is a complete drink.This juice improves your immune system.

Benefit of good immune system:Immune system is our body’s system that keeps us safe from infection and diseases. It helps us keep ourselves healthy. Our immune system plays a crucial role in maintaining proper health. Any exterior disease causing bacteria or any other agent that enters our body is prevented from causing any damage to the body as the immune system deals with it. Coming in contact with germs is nothing unnatural. The atmosphere we live in is populated with trillions of germs. Every single breath that we inhale, every drop of water we drink or the every bite of food we eat, all contains germs. We are vulnerable to attack by germs. So, what makes a person catch a disease while others stay healthy in same conditions? It is nothing but the immune system’s strength. Strong immune system fights against those germs and keeps you protected. People, who have a weak immune system, may catch these diseases more easily.

Mix herbs juice is very effective and beneficial to manage Diabetes better, fighting high cholesterol levels, blood pressure, hair issues, better eyesight, detoxifying the ill-effects of junk food, better digestion, all types of fever, skin elasticity, lighten pigmentation, reduce sign of aging and many more..