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About Us

Organic Sanjivani Health protvides you the best farm fresh herbs Juice.We offers fresh Wheat grass Juice which we grow in completely organic way,Fresh Amla Juice,Fresh Aloe-vira Juice And Mix Herbs Juice.

Freshness of every herbs makes our juice exceptional.No one make juice like we do.We make the wheat-grass and other natural herbs juice which is both unpasteurized and from field grown plants.It doesn't stop there,Here is our :-

List of Unique advantages.


We haven't been standing still all these years.We have been constantely refining,testing,undestanding and improving everything we do.

Our passion for wheat-grass juice and mix herbs juice has been unwavering and i believe that yours will be too! Give it a try. Your Body will absolutely love it.


                                                                              HOW WE HARVEST THE BEST

To manage weather variability, we simultaneously plant our wheatgrass on fields with heavy clay soil and fields with sandy loam soil. Depending on precipitation evels, one soil type will out-perform the other. The heavy clays perform best in light precipitation while the well draining sandy loams perform best when there is ample precipitation.


Within a specific soil type, we select the best fields. As we use no herbicides whatsoever, some fields will have weed infiltration and cannot be used while others will be beautifully clean. We select the best fields and literally plow the rest under.